Gale's VS after being repaired

Green Eye Returns

Wayne returns and Luka tells him that they located the Green Eye. However Basil shows up looking for Yuri, but goes away discovering that he is no longer with them.

  • Mission Objective

"Head for the abandoned dome facility. Make your way through the city ruins inside. A giant thermal energy signature that could be the Green Eye is coming from within the structure."

  • Destination

"Inside the Dome"

After Wayne manages to fight his way through the NEVEC troopers, he discovers the wreck of the VS where he was frozen. Luka calls Wayne because they found Gale's VS. After repairing it, Wayne rides it and enters the City Dome.

After defeating the Green Eye, Wayne remembers that it hasn't killed his father, but it was a NEVEC trap by Solotov. Luka joins Wayne in the Dome to help him, but then NEVEC troopers attacks them. Bandero shows himself and Wayne remembers that he is responsible for killing his father. Wayne and Luka manages to escape but leaves Gale's VS behind. Then they find their trailer on fire and Rick nowhere to be found. Wayne's harmonizer malfunctions and knocks him down unconscious, and he remembers his dying father's last words, commanding him to stop the Frontier Project.

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