Volcano Dome Facility

Inside the research facility, Wayne finds a NEVEC trooper downloading files on his PDA. Wayne tries to interrogate him but the trooper doesn't obey. Then Basil shows up to back Wayne up and the trooper respond that he was investigating on the Frontier Project. Wayne lowers his guard and the trooper manages to shoot Basil with Wayne's pistol. Basil covers herself with her harmonizer and Wayne knocks down the trooper.

On the trailer, the trooper is hold as hostage. The band of pirates learns that the trooper's name is Joe, and that the Frontier Project's goal is to heat the planet and to drive off the Akrid. They also discover that Yuri is head-researcher, and that the energy to fuel the Project comes from the Volcano Dome.

  • Mission Objective

"Neutralize the Volcano Dome Facility. Fight your way through the canyon, find the entrance and inflitrate the dome."

  • Destination

"Volcano Dome Approche"

They decide to free Joe if he leeds them to the Volcano Dome, and Joe accepts. Wayne learns from Basil that she received her harmonizer from Gale and about their power on delaying the aging process, and is shocked by the fact that he was frozen for thirty years before Yuri founded him. Then he suggest that Ivan might have been manipulated by NEVEC. Basil agrees to investigate further.

Once Wayne destroys the Volcano Dome, he is then praised by Isenberg for his feat, then he tries to convince Wayne to join the NEVEC cause. But after he alludes the fact that Yuri might be dead, Wayne shoots him, but it turns out that Isenberg was only a holographic projected image.

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