Thermal Energy Deposit

Once Wayne returns to the trailer, Joe suggest to go back to the canyons and investigate on an abandoned Thermal Energy deposit that could supply NEVEC for the Frontier Project.

  • Mission Objective

"Investigate the source of the large thermal energy signature underground. Return to the canyon and find a way to get down below, at the bottom awaits the thermal energy source."

  • Destination

"Canyon Depths"

The mission starts on a highway above a NEVEC staging area, who are either guarding or getting ready to take the facility. You proceed around a lava river and enter the facility which has been overtaken by Akrid. You proceed through a system of mining shafts which lead you to a large chamber. The Tencale then appears out of the ceiling, and Wayne then kills it.

After defeating the Tencale, Wayne is confronted by Bandero and his harmonizer malfunctions. Then Bandero shoots him in the leg. But Joe shows up to protect Wayne and tells Bandero that he wasn't supposed to kill him. Bandero respond by playing Isenberg's speech on the activation of the Frontier System. During the speech, Rick sneaks in and is readying Joe's anti-VS rifle. At the end of the speech, Rick shoots to cover Joe's and Wayne's retreat.