Showdown Below

Wayne is regenerating with Thermal Energy under Luka's care then he tells her everything he got from Basil. Joe tells Wayne that he must hurry if they want to stop the Frontier Project. But the quickest way is through an Akrid hive.

  • Mission Objective

"Make your way to the orbital elevator through the Akrid infested area and the underground preparation facility beyond it. Fight any NEVEC remnants you may encounter."

  • Destination

"Elevator Prep Facility"

After defeating Saizarod, Wayne meets Joe at the desingnated rendez-vous place and gives him a device coming from Yuri. He then tells the others that Yuri has been imprisoned not far from the orbital elevator. Luka and Rick goes to Yuri at once. Wayne tells Joe that he has something to do his side. They both shake hands before they part.

Along the way, Wayne meets Bandero along the way, Wayne tells Luka not to wait for him and Rick to take care of her. Wayne then fights Bandero to claim back his father's VS.

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