Final Battle

Wayne defeats Bandero, but Bandero attempts to shoot Wayne, but dies before pulling the trigger. Luka calls Wayne that they found Yuri and that he must come quickly because he's dying. Basil then catch up Wayne and tells him that Ivan was indeed manipulated by NEVEC and that she will cover him. While Wayne is en route to Yuri, Basil tells him that the attachment will activate the full potential of the VS but it will cause him to lose his memories again. She is then overwhelmed by NEVEC troopers, and sacrifices herself by detonating explosives. Wayne then found a dying Yuri handing him the attachment then he passes away. He then proceeds to the orbital elevator, but Luka wants Wayne to promise that he will come back. Joe calls in and tells them that he is ready.

  • Mission Objective

"Take the mounting platform up to the top and disable the orbital to put a stop to the Frontier Project.

  • Destination

"Orbital Elevator"

By using the attachment, it cause the PTX-40A to transform into the L-P-9999. Despite Rick's warnings, Luka proceeds to rejoin Wayne.

After defeating Isenberg, Joe calls Wayne and tell him that he's taking care of destroying the orbital elevator. Wayne notices that Isenberg is still alive and lands to kill him, before losing all of his memories.

One year later, by using the data left behind Yuri, Luka and Rick uses new models of data posts of red color on the snow plains that are capable to turn in their range ice into grass. Wayne appears out of nowhere amazed by the view and Luka proceeds to introduce herself.

("Credits roll.")

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