Mission Overview

Time to plant my first T-Post on a thermal energy pocket out at Hanneman's Basin.

Reward: 2000 TEng

Akird Encountered: Goonroe, and Suwankaa.

Mission Objectives

  • Find the Thermal Pocket - The Surveyed pocket is near Hanneman's Basin, past Hanneman's Drop.
  • Shoot off ice build-up from rig - I'll have to free my Rig the old-fashioned way. Good thing she self-repairs...
  • Continue to Hanneman's Drop - The pocket's past the drop. I'll have to hoof it on-foot...
  • Clear the Area - Better take care of these Akrid so I can plant this post in peace...
  • Go Ahead and Plant the Post - I'm just fixin's to plant this puppy...

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