Overland Battelship in construction

The Overland Battleship is first seen under construction during Episode 4, Chapter 2, in the Carpetbagger naval yard. Two of them at least are known to exist :

  • The first one was captured by the Vagabundos.
  • The second was sent by New NEVEC to recapture the first one, but was destroyed during the attempt.

The Battleship itself cannot be controlled; only the large Beam Cannon can be manned along with the various turrets.


The Beam Cannon works like any other Thermal Energy based weapons, except that it has to be charged in order to fire. During the charging sequence, others players can shoot Thermal Energy towards the Cannon, and when enough energy is supplied, a sound effect will warn the players that the Cannon firing power has been upgraded. It can be done twice, each time it increases the Beam Cannon's width and strength of attack.

The beam has an orange color much like Thermal Energy, when charged twice, it becomes fuchsia.

The enemy Beam Cannon (during Episode 5, Chapter 3) always shoots twicely charged shots, but charging sequence can be interrupted when inflicting damage to the Cannon. However, this also applies to the player controlled cannon, and it will also take more damage when charging.

Vagabundo controlled battleship

Overland Battelship battle

One of the Overland Battleship is captured by the Vagabundos, but during the fight against the Baiztencale, it loses its right wing and its back chamber.

By choosing a specific path during Episode 6, Chapter 4, the Overland Battleship will make again an appearance and attack the Akrids. However, the following cutscene suggest that the vessel is destroyed, unless it is only the Beam Cannon that explodes.


  • When the timer (End of 5-3, when taking over the ship) starts, every 15-24 seconds that pass, loads of credit boxes (as the first that drop down) begin to fall from the destroyed Battleship's cannon. This can be used and abused as they drop 4-5 times and can be repeated by starting the chapter over. Be warned; if done online be sure to have a high enough Battle Gauge when multiple people farm these.
  • 4 players = 2000 BG points eliminated. If no person dies during the siege of 5-3, 3500 should be the highest that can be obtained from the D-Posts. If all four players die at once (e.g. by not getting off the ship in time), the mission will fail regardless of how high the Battle Gauge is.


  • The Overland Battleship appears to be able to float on both water and ground, since the naval yard in Episode 4, Chapter 2 lead to the sea.
  • The Overland Battleship cannon is the only vs weapon that cannot be destroyed (unless in the case of the cutscene in episode 6 chapter 2). When the cannon reaches critical level in the life gauge, the cannon will eject the player and remain unusable until manually repaired.

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