PTX-40A-2 Front

PTX-40A-2 Heavy Ivan is NEVEC's attempt to access the power of the PTX-40A Ivan.


NEVEC took the PTX-40A and made attempts to access the suit's superior performance levels. This upgrade to Ivan is known as the PTX-40A-2 Heavy Ivan. Unfortunately for NEVEC this goal was never realized as the harmonizer they possessed was not sufficiently advanced enough. Instead of utilizing multi-joints for weapon conversion, NEVEC customized Heavy Ivan to be suited to many jobs at once. As well as added angular armour over the original frame, the PTX-40A-2 features electric drills built over non-functional EMF blades, homing missile launchers, and built in Gatling guns. As an added defence, Heavy Ivan also features a shield. The shield negates some damage that would be originally taken at full force from other weapons. However energy weapons and heavy weapons like the VS Shotgun or the VS Rocket Launcher can surpass this defence most of the time. Despite all the bulk off added weaponry and defences, the PTX-40A-2 is so finely tuned that there is no loss in mobility from the original Ivan Vital Suit performance. After the player defeats the PTX-40A-2 Heavy Ivan, all of NEVEC's add-ons are released, and the Heavy Ivan is regular Ivan once again.


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