Pirate Fortress (single player)

Pirate Fortress (single player)

This map is almost identical to the third part of Mission 02 before the boss fight.

Differences with single player :

  • The tide gate between the railway tunnel at the south entrance and the west building is open.
  • The east building is accessible, and reveals a generator room.
  • A part of the fence is removed on the west side of the west fence.
It is one of best maps for team play in layout 3 and 4 (2 teams only), because the 2 teams starts evenly in the 2 opposite buildings by the north-south axis.
Pirate Fortress


On the other layouts, the 2 teams (if there is only 2) are separated by the east-west axis. The team on the north have the height advantage as well as being very close to east and west buildings (and data posts) of the map, giving them an unfair advantage in Post Grab.

This map features a GTT-01 with a Gatling Gun on its left weapon mount and a Cannon on its right. It also features several GTF-13F depending on the layout armed with either Cannons or Missile Launchers.

The map is also included in LP2 as a multiplayer map with a few changes to it:

  • The subway tunnel exit is no longer accessible
  • Fortress entrance is no longer accessible
  • VSs were removed

The start location for the blue team is by the entrance to the bunker by the abandoned building and the red team starts in the abandoned 2-story building surrounded by big wire fencing. There are 2 data posts in the area that can be activated. They are located:

  • In front of the bridge that leads to the gate of the fortress
  • The second is located near the subway tunnel entrance

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