The Plasma Gun II is a variation of the default Plasma Gun.


This variation of the Plasma Gun is designed as a hybrid between a melee weapon and a marksman's rifle. It is able to project a concentrated energy blade when fully charged, which increases the power of the user's melee attack as well as providing the benefits of a standard charged shot. However, firing a fully charged shot instantly overheats the weapon, and the Plasma Gun II uses more T-ENG overall than the standard Plasma Gun.

Helpful Tips

  • Taking an enemy by surprise will guarantee a one-hit kill.
  • If you're not the kind to pick up every spot of T-ENG you see lying around, use the T-ENG Conservation and T-ENG Weapons Master I abilities in tandom. If you are, then equip the T-ENG Weapons Master II ability. These abilities will keep the weapon's heat buildup at near zero.
  • A single normal or charged shot to the head is sure to kill the target.

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