Renard LaRoche

Renard LaRoche

Renard LaRoche is a rival contractor of Jim's at the Coronis settlement, But little is known of him at this time. Some point at the beginning he saves Jim Peyton and Dr. Kendrick Kovac

he is Voiced and Motion Captured by Jonathan Roumie.

Notable Moments *Spoilers*

  • Saves and is then himself saved by Jim Peyton.
  • Ends up fighting and losing to Peyton during a RIG fight due to malicious, forged information from NEVEC.


  • Owns a unique assault rifle nicknamed "Le Destructeur" (The Destroyer), namely because of its supposed higher damage output.
  • Is of French descent, and often swears in it, usually at Peyton.
  • Has a much more advanced RIG than the rest of the base crew and often mocks Peyton's RIG because of its age.


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