The Rifle II is a variation of the default Rifle.


The Rifle II fires in five-round bursts with therefore five shots per clip. The rate of fire is noticeably faster than any other rifle, but the bullets travel slower than the default Rifle, but quicker than the Plasma Gun, and because of its five round bursts there is a better chance of achieving a headshot. While it lacks a second level of zoom, it makes up for it with its ability to better damage VS's, human targets, and turrets, if all five shots hit the target. This makes the weapon very useful even without using its zoom. If mastered, it can easily be one of the best weapons in the game. It works best in campaign when the targets stand still, but it is still relatively useful online, but it shouldn't be used for long range, more like a standard weapon. However its usefulness online quickly wears out when the target is moving, not every bullet may hit the target.

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