The Rifle SP is a variation of the default Rifle.


The Rifle SP is a single-shot, bolt action sniper rifle with great power in each round. This variation of the rifle can, in most cases, instantly kill unarmored infantry, as well as inflict significant damage to Vital Suits and Power Armor. It cannot kill in 1 round on Hard or Extreme difficulty in Campaign mode, as only a headshot will. The Rifle SP is better than the generic Rifle in every way besides clip capacity. Because of its high power, it can be better used against VS's and Akrid. Like the default Rifle, the bullets travel from the gun to the target instantaneously, so "dodging" or "avoiding" the shot is near impossible, but rolling it is still possible. The Rifle SP is extremely useful in Ranked Matches, being able to dispatch an unarmored unit in one shot, but its usefulness dwindles in campaign due to its low starting ammo.

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