Atticon This article is Non-Conon and is not considered 
to be part of the original Lost Planet Story line.

Sand King T0

The Sand King is a Category G from the Mobile Game Lost Planet Trag 0


During this fight there are 5 Jellon's in the room with you which can not be destroyed and will keep spawning Jellites to hinder your progress. Also during this fight you will find the First VS Weapons of the game, A Shotgun, A Plasma Gun and a Fixed Cannon Missile. All can be used on foot as well as on the PTX-40A which is in the top right corner. The Sand King does not move from its starting position and can only attack with tentacles that spawn from beneath you, which are easy to avoid. Try to get to the PTX-40A and just concentrate on the Sand King and the battle should not last long .

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