The Shield


  • The Shield, when deployed, protects its wielder in the front and anyone behind the user. It also enables him to do a charge attack to push enemies. However, the Shield cannot protect the user against attacks that come from behind or the sides. An enemy can circle the shield wielder or throw a grenade behind or to the side of the wielder. Melee attacks can bypass the Shield to harm its wielder. The shield can be turned into a weapon by pressing Start and Back (Select for PS3) together to transform the shield into a cannon.

Shield SP

  • The Shield SP serves the same exact purpose as the standard shield but offers a different design on the shield. The Shield SP has a dark blue pattern with an Oni Mask design when it is open.

Shield SP II

  • The Shield SP II also offers a different shield design. The Shield SP II is a bright red shield with Japanese characters and writing. The Japanese characters resemble the Femme Fatale Carpetbagger, and the writing matches the 'A' color to the male Carpetbaggers face mask, or the orbs on the females belt and the sides of her head. It also reveals a Sandraider Femme Fatale chibi when openend.


  • For an easy GJ award for blocking damage with the shield, use a Dummy Grenade III and walk in front of it with the Shield. The damage still counts as being an enemy's.
  • The Gun Sword is probably the best weapon when encountering someone with a Shield. It's 1st attack disables the shield while the second hit kills the enemy holding the shield.

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