The Shotgun SP is a variation of the default Shotgun.


The Shotgun SP boasts superior firepower over the other variants, and its much wider spread easily knocks infantry off their feet. However, the Shotgun SP's effective range is greatly decreased. Firing this weapon releases both buckshot and confetti. Because of its terrible range the Shotgun SP is not very versatile, but if a target is upclose, the can easily be knocked down, and most of the time, they will not be getting back up.

Tips & Strategies

  • Despite the superior firepower, when in shortrange online, the Shotgun SP most of the time will not kill instantly like in campaign, yet it will easily stagger and push back opponents. Also, because of the short range, it is outclassed by more weaker, yet long-range/short-range weapons such as the revolver. It will still easily destroy a VS.
  • An easy way to dispatch VS's and other enemies is to damage them to the point of them smoking or giving off electricity, then shoot your anchor at the enemy. You will quickly be brought to the enemy at point blank range. From here, just pull the trigger, and watch the target fall to the ground.

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