The Sieragz is a Cat L Akrid. It has a symbiotic relationship with the flying Akrid known as Ermmild, When Sieragz becomes agitated the Ermmild will flee the nests on Sieragz back and try to protect it, but in doing so leaving Sieragz's weak points exposed.

Combat Strategy

The Sieragz has a 2-stage combat approach. At first the player must shoot out the numerous bulbs on the outer shell of the creature. This will cause it to release a swarm of Ermmild which can easily be taken down. Once all the nodes are destroyed, it will open the shell and its inner weak spots will be revealed.

They can later be fought with the RIG and once upgraded,the RIG can dispatch them easily by using the electrified grapple arm to stun it repeatedly and drill into it or kill it with the fists or the torch.

Category S
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Category M
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Category L
Vorgg - GoreVorgg - Sieragz - Tangaant

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Over-G - Unidentified Flying Akrid - Ermmild - Nushi

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