The Slot Machine is feature in Lost Planet 2 that allows players to spend Credits to randomly roll for Weapons, Emotes, Noms de Guerre, Abilities, or Character Parts(rare}.

Each spin of the Slot Machine costs 2,000 Credits to use, while all slot machine results are random, you are more likely to get an Emote or Nom de Guerre.

Eventually, once all Emotes and Nom de Guerre's have been won the price will increase to 10,000 Credits per spin. When this happens you will only get weapons, or character parts.

As well as spending credits in the slot machine you can enter passwords to unlock special Character Parts.

Character Passwords

Character Password System
Albert Wesker 72962792 PS3/Xbox
Frank West 83561942 PS3/Xbox

Character Part Passwords

T-Shirt Number T-Shirt Name Password System
T-Shirt 1 Weekly Famitsu 73154986 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 2 Famitsu Xbox 360 94372143 Xbox(Unsure at this time if there is a PS3 Version)
T-Shirt 3 Midnight Live 360 69088873 Xbox(Unsure at this time if there is a PS3 Version)
T-Shirt 4 Dengeki PlayStation 40358056 PS3(Unsure at this time if there is a Xbox Version)
T-Shirt 5 Yellow Den geki 96725729 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 6 Gemaga 21899787 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 7 Monthly GAMEJAPAN 52352345 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 8 63152256 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 9 Weekly Playboy 34297758 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 10 Blue 88020223 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 11 25060016 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 12 Hall's original costume rare CHEMISTRY 65162980 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 13 Procambarus clarkii 56428338 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 14 I & P Hamaguti Yutaka 18213092 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 15 TKO 26797358 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 16 Yasuda Hiroshi Circus 71556463 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 17 Doubledutch 31354816 PS3/Xbox
T-Shirt 18 Street Jack 12887439 PS3/Xbox