Souichi is the Leader of the Snow Pirates and father of Mira in Lost Planet 3,


Souichi is revealed to be a survivor of the previous attempt of colonisation of E.D.N. III by NEVEC and has now grown into a strong leader of the colony. During the events of Lost Planet 3 Souichi captures Jim and plans on executing him. However Mira begs for him not to execute Jim.

Later on Souichi tells Jim that NEVEC plans on taking all of the thermal energy off of E.D.N. III and leaving it barren to "die". He tasks Peyton with several missions to gain his trust and prays him not to reveal their existence to the Coronis base.


Souichi is killed by Caleb Isenberg after his forces discover and attack the Forgotten encampment. Jim arrives moments before and tries to kill Isenberg but is forced to stand down when Mira is threatened. Isenberg shoots Souichi in the head after getting information out of him.

Game Points

  • Aside a main quest giver, he also tasks Peyton to smaller side quests taking place in 4 corners of the game map to retrieve artifacts of his old friends from the first colonisation test.

Character Traits

  • Thoughtful leader that strives to keep his colony and people alive ever since being abandonned on E.D.N. III by NEVEC.
  • He has a touch of mysticism when he speaks, often using metaphors in retelling past events or situation.

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