Spark Grenade

The Spark Grenade

The Spark Grenade is extremely effective against both VS's and human targets, causing high damage. An untouched GTF-13M will be completely destroyed by a single spark grenade, as well as other small VS's like the Bleed and Baylid. The grenade releases a burst of electricity that can pierce walls to hit foes hiding behind cover. However, its blast radius is very small compared to other grenades, so it must be thrown accurately to hit its targets.

Color - Yellow

How To Acquire:

  • Slot Machine
  • "?" Box


  • If you have a good aim with them, nearly any Akrid- including some bosses- can be highly damaged or even killed.
  • Since these grenades are thrown slower and not as far as a Gum Grenade, using the Anchor to get closer to appropriate targets can be helpful.
  • When you throw a spark grenade, wait one to two seconds and then throw another one. If the first detonates with the other ontop of it(still airborn) there is a very large electric field created.

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