Tangaant Render

Tangaant are a large scorpion like Akrid that have been introduced in Lost Planet 3.


The Tangaant are highly protective of their habitat and will attack anything that enters it regardless of size. It is often referred to as "The Spitter" as it shoots out an adhesive/corrosive liquid from its tail.

Relatively easy to deal with since it has a massive weakspot on its tail which is exposed when doing its jab or acid attack). Contrary to the render the Tangaant doesn't have any other weak spot besides its tail. It has two different attack "modes". The first, used at a distance, will have the Tangaant shoot out its corrosive fluid from the tail in a small arc that will follow Peyton if dodge (however not fast enough to get hit if dodged right). If caught in it, Peyton will have to free himself through a quick time event. The second, used at a much closer range, will have the Tangaant use its spiked tail to try to stab the player several times. When dodged, it will lodge itself in the ground giving time to attack the base of the tail.

The first time a Tangaant appears before Jim Peyton is as a boss battle before retrieving mission critical equipment.

Once the tail is destroyed, the Tangaant will almost constantly face Peyton to hide the weak spot, it is however still showing right between its back armor plates and can be shot with enough precision.


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