Tarkaa Render


Tarkaa is small in size and is an interior-dweller. This Akrid is attracted to T-ENG and is very agressive. It has a total of 4 legs and two smaller arms and a long tail. It also has 2 mouths, one on its back and one on its underbelly, it uses its tail to constrict its prey as it pounces on them to feed. It is also able to walk on walls and ceiling at a very fast pace, making firing at them from close range difficult.

Usually found inside abandoned structures through out the game where they will swarm out from egg pods or from various cracks in the building. Despite being weak, they can pose a threat when in numbers.

They also possess a symbiotic relationship with the Hiveen creature as it is able to spit out Tarkaa eggs during combat. It is unknown whether or not the Hiveen births these creatures itself or if it is a sort of parasite.


  • There is a rare type of Tarkaa called the Albino Tarkaa and if you happen to "Tag it" you'll unlock the "First Tag" Achievement/Trophy.
  • The Tarkaa seem to bear an extreme resemblance to Facehuggers from aliens and Headcrabs from Half-Life
  • Is one of the few enemies to trigger a quick time event upon attack where the player can often instakill them.
  • Aside the Achievenemt/Trophy, the Albino Tarkaa (numbering 10) must also be collected to receive a character upgrade at the Forgotten camp as a side quest.


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