The Great Outdoors


The Great Outdoors is a map based on Episode 1, Chapter 3, Area 2 in Lost Planet 2.

The differences between singleplayer and multiplayer is that it is possible to drop in the water without dying, and the multiple tunnels linking each part of the map, and a lower platform near the bridge.


Storage Tunnel (South West)

Leads to a high observation post with a long range weapon.

Fortress (North West)

Its height works well for sniping.

Waterfall (North)

Behind it lies either a data post or VS.

VS Corner (South)

Where the best VS can be found.

Missile Silo (East)

Its height works well for sniping.

Hangar (North East)

A VS can be found inside. A long range weapon can be found on its roof.

Bridge with Tidal Gate (Center)

Holds a data post.

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