Thermal Energy, TH-EN or T-Eng is a powerful new source of energy that is found on the planet E.D.N. III. It is produced naturally in the bodies of the native akrid which allows them to survive the extremely cold and hostile environment of the planet, as without it they'd freeze solid. In Lost Planet 2 due to climate change, T-Eng is no longer drained at a constant rate. Instead, it is used to power energy weapons and VS (Vital Suits), as well as using harmonizers. T-Eng is collected from killing enemy Akrid, Snow Pirates, and NEVEC soldiers, as well as from destroying wrecked vehicles, explosive barrels, and the large T-eng containers with NEVEC logos on them. As Wayne Holden, your thermal energy collector worn on your belt collects T-Eng for you as you come in contact with it, replenishing your total supply and helping power your energy weapons and vital suits, as well as fueling your harmonizer - the life support system attached to Wayne's arm.


Thermal Energy puddle

Thermal Energy puddle

Normally, T-Eng has a liquid-like form with a combination of red and green colors. Unlike any other substance though, whenever there's a bunch of it spread all over the floor, it regroups, or amasses in a place in the ground. This might indicate weak bonds, such as those commonly found in hydrogen, and modeled by the H2O molecule, or water (perhaps even mercury). It is also luminescent, glowing a bright orange-yellow.


  • Maximum capacity is 9999 units.
  • T-ENG is used to power all manners of machinery from cars and trucks to any Vital Suit, virtually replacing fossil fuels.
  • Hostile environment suits worn by Snow Pirates and NEVEC Soldiers use T-ENG to protect the wearer.
  • Many energy weapons, both hand-held and VS, are powered by T-ENG. Examples include the infantry Plasma Gun and the Laser Rifle.
  • The Harmonizer used by Wayne and Basil use T-ENG to heal the user if harmed.
  • In Lost Planet 2 Harmonizers are prevalent throughout all factions and have new functions such as the capability of expending T-ENG to squad-mates and activating energy crates.