A stormy coast with many VS's that can be found in Campaign and Multiplayer. In Campaign mode, this is the map of episode 4-3 area 2.
Thunderpeal Precipice

Unknown variation of map

Campaign Mode

Thunderpearl Precipice has many Akrid/VS hybrid enemies and electromagnetic barriers that separate different parts of the map.

Data Posts: 5
Electromagnetic Barriers Powering Device: 3
VS's available: GAH-42BS Bleed, GAF-15D Drion, GTT-01 Nida with Dual Shoulder Multi-Warhead Missile, GAB-25M Cakti, PTX-140R Hardballer and GAN-3AM Triseed.

Ranked Match Mode

Both sides start on the opposite edges of the map, with a launch pad, a T-ENG Charger, and two VS's (often armed with a Cannon) nearby. T-ENG Chests in the map typically contain the GAF-14 Fastrey, a heavy weapon, or a long ranged weapon. In the middle of the map, some T-ENG Chargers can also be found. Although it is very vulnerable to stay in the middle, the chargers recover more T-ENG per second.

Multiplayer Map Layouts

Layout Type 1

Layout Type 2

Layout Type 3

Layout Type 4

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