Map used in the Multiplayer Demo.


Hydroelectric Plant (South-West)

What seems to be its purpose with the water leaking from the vents. Source of the Stream.
Turbulent Jungle

Overview of the Map

Acts as a respawn point.

Mining Tower (East)

Can be accessed either by climbing the ladders, or using the Anchor on one of the 4 rusted pylons around it.

Features a data post, and a long-range weapon on the platform above the data post.

Hangar (North-East)

Holds a GAH-42BS. Can act as a respawn point. Can be accessed through vines at the east, but it is quicker to simply use the Anchor.

Central Building

Holds a data post, more specifically the one in Counter-Grab Mode. Surrounded by the Stream.


Its source is the Hydroelectric Plant. Surrounds the Central Building. Ends at the Waterfall.

Railway Tower (North-West)

Acts as a respawn point.

Guard Tower

West of the Central Building. Has a long-range weapon on its roof.

Waterfall (far West)

Where the Stream ends, near the Railway Tower. Far from the others landmarks and not worth checking except for hiding or committing suicide.

Forest (West)

Between the Railway Tower and the Hydroelectric Plant. Has a data post between the 2 rock monoliths.

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