Unidentified Flying Akrid
The Unidentified Flying Akrid is seen in during the ending cut scene of Lost Planet 2, passing by the GAN-36 carrying Camelot.

Unlike all other known forms of Akrid, it seems to be nonaggressive, acting as if the GAN-36 wasn't even there. The Unidentified Flying Akrid could possibly have been created by the death of the Over-G Akrid. As most people have theorized, it seems to resemble the akrid species called Trilid, some people also say that the Over-G may be the source of all akrid (but that's only in theory).

Category S
Trilid - Sepia - Sydsepia - Bolsepia - Jellite - Parajellite - Piranha - Tarkaa - Enbee

Category M
Genessa - Dongo - Chryatis - Gorechryatis - Jellon - Parajellon - Raibee - Neegal - Skalt - Vodogg - Defolma - Debouse - Dabula - Goonroe - Suwankaa - Wardeye

Category L
Vorgg - GoreVorgg - Sieragz - Tangaant

Category G
Godon - Undeep - Windega - Raibeon - Queen - Green Eye - Tencale - Saizarod - Gordiant - Akrid X - Red Eye - Baiztencale - Hiveen

Uncategorized Akrid
Over-G - Unidentified Flying Akrid - Ermmild - Nushi

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