• Evrenn

    It's been a while

    May 9, 2010 by Evrenn

    Hello and thank you to all the people who have been adding and editing articles!

    I've been at school for the past year and my busy schedule didn't allow for much time to work on the wiki but it's summer now and I've got lost of free time so I'll finally be able to answer messages and get some more editing done of my own. I'm very sorry if your questions have gone unanswered.

    LP 2 comes out in a week but already it's had some lackluster reviews which is a bit discouraging but I'm still intent on making this wiki as in-depth as I can.

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  • Evrenn

    Pleasent surprises!

    August 27, 2009 by Evrenn

    I logged on the the wiki this evening to find that we were up to 43 articles! I'm really happy that some other people have decided to contribute. My guess is that with LP2 not so far away, some inquisitive souls searched for Lost Planet Wiki and discovered this place.

    I'd like to thank the contributors Navarobirsk and Sgt Blades for helping with the wiki.

    To my shame, I haven't added any content for quite some time. The inital zeal of being admin of a wiki wore of quickly. And, who am I kidding, I've been playing games for most of the summer rather than doing any actual work. That may change when I'm back at school in a few days.

    I am proud to have at least given the wiki a facelift with some graphics, although they are pretty simple and m…

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  • Evrenn


    July 13, 2009 by Evrenn

    Well, it's been almost a month since I adopted this wiki and I think things are going well. We have 19 articles so far up from 6 (That's over 300%! Lol Hueg). Anyway, someone else contributed! User:Snow_Pirate_Kyriod started 3 VS weapon articles. It made me feel good to know that someone else was interested in helping.

    I learned how to make a nice table for use on the VS pages and I plan to implement a similar one on all weapon pages.

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