V Device

  • The V Device is a support weapon that looks very similar to a shortened data post. It functions as a mobile sonar system to detect enemy infantry and manned Vital Suits (including akrid type VS). It also shows the area's map while activated. It requires a deploy time before it is activated. Enemies are highlighted bright green and can be seen through obstructions. These results can be seen by your teammates, but only if they are inside the sphere of effect. The V Device does not detect unmanned VSs or akrid. You can also hold the Start and Back buttons to transform the V-Device into a cannon.

V Device SP

  • The V Device SP, when held as the active weapon, turns the holder invisible, and if used will deploy a field that turns all infantry inside of it invisible. VS's and their pilots get no benefit from the V Device SP. While holding the device the user cannot attack, including melee, but the user can still throw grenades. You can unlock it by getting a career level 70 with the NEVEC character or in the Slot Machine.

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