The Vagabundos are snow pirates that reside in the desert. They raid NEVEC caravans and kill their personnel. They appear in episode 5 attacking a NEVEC Overland Battleship. They capture the Overland Battleship and use it to fight off another Overland Battleship, as well as the Baiztencale. They then decide to aid the Ex-NEVEC and some select groups of pirates at the Over-G in episode 6. Later on, taking a certain path allows the Vagabundos to join you in the level and help you fight numerous Akrid. Unfortunately, in the end of the skirmish the Overland Battleship succumbs to the damage it is dealt and is destroyed. However, at the end of Episode 6-4, you can see the Vagabundo Leader in one of the carrier ospreys sitting down and looking outside. The Vagabundos can also help in the fight against the Over G Akrid, provided that the character randomization of the AI selects a Vagabundo as one of the characters.

Vagabundo is Portuguese/Spanish for vagabond, a person who wanders from place to place without a home, like a nomad (or rogue). All vagabundo wear a desert army cargo pant and no shirt at all, along with a heavy tatto on their body .

Throughout their presence in Lost Planet 2 they exhibit a questionable level of intelligence. Sometimes, they show very little intellect; for example, after taking over a small NEVEC emplacement a pair of Vagabundos was moving the body of a NEVEC soldier when another shouts a false alert of incoming fire and scares one of the body-carrying pirates into dropping the body and almost panicking. They were also unable to comprehend a computer display in the previously mentioned emplacement.  At other times, however, they showed at the least adequate comprehension such as being able to identify the Overland Battleship on the screen as "Very Big" in the NEVEC emplacement. Another such occurrence was after taking over the Overland Battleship, as a certain Vagabundo in the cockpit managed to discern that NEVEC was utilizing underground veins of thermal energy to navigate E.D.N. III.


All Vagabundos uses GAF-14, only exceptions uses custom GAN-36 carrying a GTN-A01. They also captured the Overland Battleship from NEVEC. They are also fond of Rocket Launchers.

Known Vagabundos

Auaer Auraer

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