Vorgg, also known as the Ice Crabs are a large crab like Akrid that have been introduced in Lost Planet 3.

Vorgg act as mini-bosses in the campaign, appearing to fight Jim at specific points on foot, as well as randomly when in the RIG.  Vorgg attack by charging forward towards you, which if you dodge you can shoot the ice covering their back weakpoint.  Vorgg also slam their claws into the ground, which then can be shot off however they will use their front legs to knock back Jim when they lose both claws. 

Vorggs can burrow under the surface like Chryatis and can crawl up walls like Sepia. They are first encountered in a cave where the player must plant a mission critical Thermal Post, triggering a mini-boss battle.


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Trilid - Sepia - Sydsepia - Bolsepia - Jellite - Parajellite - Piranha - Tarkaa - Enbee

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Vorgg - GoreVorgg - Sieragz - Tangaant

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