Wardeye Female and Male

A male(right) and female(left) Wardeye

Wardeye are a medium sized Akrid, with a seemingly single eye in the middle of its forehead, that have been introduced in Lost Planet 3.


The Wardeye come in both Female (Red) and male (Blue) variants. The females attempts to attack their target with projectile and long range attacks, while the males prefer close range strikes.

They are encountered in abandoned structures over E.D.N. III and will often "travel" in large groups of 4 to 10 creatures, sometimes followed by Tarkaa. The Females will often employ cover to hide themselves and fire from behind over-turned tables, wall corners and the like while the Male will charge the target, knock it down and run off back to cover.

Despite the fragile appearence, they are very resilient and take a fair amount of punishment before death.


  • The Wardeye is similar in appearence as the Spitting lizard, with the neck area having a large disk-like flap the creature will flare up before spitting its acid.


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