The Windega

The Windega is a colossal moth-like Akrid that inhabits the Mountain Route 2. It is one of the largest Akrid life-forms on the game and as a result of its sheer size, this beast creates strong winds when it flies overhead. The Windega can also release multiple explosive eggs that fall from the carapace . This Akrid appears to be the most passive, as the windega will never directly attack the player even if shot, and always drops its eggs in the same spot. Killing it (See below) Earns an Achievement "Moth Hunter".


The best way to kill it is to shoot it through either the Egg Carapace or the wings with a fully charged shot from a Laser Rifle (please note that you will have to shoot the wings twice to bring it down). You will know when it is about to die because:

a: One (or both) wing/s are smashed with hundreds of holes in them.

b: The back end of the Windega has exploded into green slush.

After you have inflicted enough damage, the Windega will circle once more before crashing (frozen) into a mountain.

Once you kill the Windega you will unlock an achievement: 'Moth Hunter'. (50)

If you wish you can just avoid this creature and complete the level.


  • The Windega greatly resembles Mothra from Godzilla.
  • Windega are the only known akrid to possess fur.

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