I am so gonna shoot the shit outta you!

—ZVATTO, at the end of Episode 3

Ordered by the Waysider Leader to check the others, talks with Deer Spring. Uses a VS Shotgun to separate the wagons at the end of 3-1.

First one to reach the Railway Gun and likely became the gunner. This seems to give him the authority to command his teammates unless he was a squad leader to begin with. This seems likely to be the case since he also handled the talking with the Ex-NEVEC Commander.

He is voiced by Liam O'Brian.

Episode 3 speech

Man... These jobs ain't getting any easier...

This was supposed to be an easy gig, just smash and grab.

Sneak into a town of rich-ass Carpetbaggers and rip as much of their Thermal Energy as I could.

In and out, that was the plan.

Everything was planned, right down to last detail.

But the fact of the matter was that we just weren't ready to handle them Carpetbaggers on their own turf.

And we paid for that mistake. We're not even halfway home and now...

We just lost another man.

We lost half our men, and for what? Four days worth of Thermal Energy?

Well, better than nothin' I guess...

But it's not a fair price if you ask me.

Too late now though. Gotta just keep moving on...


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